Mr. Furuk Lawani returns to Area X police station after one week and meets a praise and worship session.


(Police officers singing)

Amen amen, blessing and glory

Wisdom tanks giving, and honor,

Pawa and mite, belong to awa God

Forever and Ever. Amen.

Police man moves to the centre and offers prayers

“…Papa God we tank you for life

We tank you say we dey alife

We tank you sey we no follow die

We pray sey you go keep us alife

Make the sole of awa fellow offica wey die rest in piece

Amen! (Chorus response)

Papa God make u helep protect offica

No let awa blood dey shed anyhow

Papa God kill all the tiff for dis Lagos

Amen! (Chorus response)

We call fire for heaven to destroy all of dem

Holy fire consume dem!

Amen! (Chorus response)

Papa God, both small tiff wey dey carry gun

And tiff wey dey use biro

Make all of dem die by fire

Amen! (Chorus response)

Papa God, even the one wey tiff awa police pension and every oda pension money, make e die

Amen! (Murmured response)

I say kill all the pension tiff (he raises voice)

Amen! (Chorus response)

Papa God, prospa Nigeria…”

After the prayer Farouki Lawani goes to the counter to make an enquiry

Good morning offica

 Yes Good morning, how we go help you?

Abeg, I wan see DPO

For wetin?

Notin ma, I just wan see am

I no understand; you wan see DPO for notin. Dis man e be like say you no serious.

 No be like dat, na my case I wan follow DPO tuk, no be say anyting

Shey na that one you no fit tuk, u dey lucky sey I get your time dis morning. DPO office dey upstairs.  See that door wey that man for white they comot from (she points her hand). Na DPO office be dat.

Thank you offica. God bless you.

Farouk enters the office and recognizes him as the man who led the prayer.

 Good morning sa

Good morning. How are you?

Am fine sa.

So how I go fit help you?

Well oga DPO, I come report case for here too weeks ago

Na Corporal Rasidi Mana be my IPO

I don come station like 2 times now

Tiff bin come my yard for Ebute Metta

And I come report am

Make police gimme report make I take give insurance pipu

We bin tuk for fone last week

E say im never get time come investigate

And now e no dy answer im fone again

Na im I sey make I come tell you.

The DPO sighs heavily and shakes his head

Corporal Rasidi Mana don die.

E die too days ago.

Na tiff finish am for masha side

Heavy gun fire between police and tiff.

Na im and three oda officas die dat day

Na so we dey see am for dis wok o

Na God go help us for dis wok (Shakes head)

Anyway, I bin review all Corporal Rasidi Mana case

And na true you tuk, I see your case file

I don already assign anoda IPO for you.

Since na the police report be the main tin wey u want

Na God go help us catch the tiff

Your new IPO go follow you go house today do preliminary investigation wey we go fit do your report.

Tank you sa. God bless you.

You go first give dat offica for that room tati thosand

Den come collect your report tomorrow.

Haba DPO, tati thousand, for wetin!

Oya how much you go fit pay? (smiles)


©2013 Otaigbe Itua Ewoigbokhan

NB: The characters used in this piece are fictional and semblance to real persons is entirely coincidental.

Itualive! ™




  2. Okhide E says:

    Exactly………that’s why they keep dying, they have sold their respect for 20naira.

  3. felly says:

    I wouldn’t Blame the police this much for denying clients police report without money. Its not supposed to be that much though, N2000k would have been reasonable. Secondly, they aren’t well equipped in all areas of their work. The police is stained with red oil. They may not change except God changes them individually. It takes one to be faithful before you can be fruitful.

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